March 9, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 82  

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Fantasia: a sex party for the shy girl

By Laura Kobetz

Gazette Staff

The second floor of the Lizard Lounge on Richmond St. was buzzing with eager beavers last week. The occasion? A Fantasia party, the latest female (and occasionally male) sensation.

Spread out on lush, red velvet were books, bottles, candles, games, lingerie and, of course, toys. The woman in charge — a small, young, smiling brunette named Stephanie Tucker — began by handing each guest an order form and a pencil with a plastic penis on the end.

Essentially, the way Fantasia works is the woman running the party gives a presentation on the various sexual and non-sexual products available, and then each woman who wants to buy something goes into a private room and makes her purchase. For a shy girl, Fantasia parties are a great opportunity to get an in-depth look at X-rated items without having to walk into intimidating stag shops.

The presentation began with articles on touching, smelling and tasting from Shunga, a Canadian-made brand of “pamper products,” ranging from warm massage oils to tingling shower gels. Two of the more delightful and delicious were the “Chocolate Kiss” body paint ($12.95), which is brushed on and licked off, and the “Sweet Snow” Body Powder ($21.95), which is dusted on and tastes like honey.

Most of the oils and lubes are lickable, with flavors ranging from banana to kiwi, all of which are incredibly yummy. A popular, non-sexual item was the reusable “Heart Shaped Massage Pad” ($14.95), which heats up instantly, delivering therapeutic relief to any part of the body.

As well, the books on display offered explicit illustrations and explanations of sexual positions, including instructions on finding the G-spot and erotic massages like “the Juicer.”

After much joking around came the racier material. Two attention-catching creams were “Tickle Her Pink” for clitoral stimulation and “Sexciting Cream,” a vaginal-tightener/penile-stiffener.

And then came the toys. Tucker began by exhibiting “Hidden Delights,” a.k.a. “The Buddy” ($34.95). “Everybody needs a ‘Buddy’,” she said, explaining that this quiet, little vibrating instrument is meant for the clitoris. One of the newer items was the dishwasher-safe “G-Spot Lover,” a curved dildo made of glass, which can be heated up or put in the freezer before insertion, for different temperature sensations.

The most expensive vibrator, called the “Aurora Beam” ($119.95), combines every pleasuring element into its design. The material is pliable for G-spot finding, the shaft is textured for internal sensitivity, there is a clitoral-attentive attachment and it even lights up! There was also a toy for novices, called “Precious Gems” ($59.99). This slick vibrator had different sized, soft, shapely sleeves which fit over top in order to imitate the feeling of a penis.

Finally, Tucker took out a toy for the boys called the “Elastic Lassie,” a soft tube, used with lube, that fits over the penis giving the simulation of oral sex when pulled repeatedly.

Even though the subject matter of the party was slightly scandalous, the atmosphere was pleasant, informative and entertaining. Those who host a party will earn 10 per cent of their guests’ sales, plus receive a few free gifts. All in all, Fantasia was fantastic!



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