March 10, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 83  

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Feminism all about equality

Re: “A double standard,” Mar. 4, 2004

To the Editor:
I found the example that accompanied the question: “Isn’t equal rights and the abuse of power what political correctness and feminism are supposed to be fighting instead of aiding to institute?” to be quite insulting.

Feminism is not about women snickering while taking sports teams, Boy Scouts and health clubs away from men. Before we make ignorant accusations, take a look at the greater picture.
Women are striving to find their place beside men; men are not struggling to find their place beside women.

Because of how male/female gender norms have been established in our society, it is uncommon for a male to challenge an all-female association. By all means, if a girl wants to join Boy Scouts, a boy should be allowed to join Girl Guides, but when does this ever happen? It is occasionally acceptable for a female to exert “male” characteristics but when reversed, society disapproves.

Instead of asking why women have female-only associations and men have to put up with sharing their soccer teams, a better question to ask is why are women seen as being the inferior sex? Equality is the equal appreciation of any and all genders without any animosity. Why is it that we need to have same-sex associations at all? I’ll leave that one for someone else.

Amie Presley
Sociology III

Western needs balls

To the Editor:
One day I was thinking of things Western could do to make things more fun. They should invest some of our tuition money into a ballroom!

It’s not what you’re thinking. Remember those rooms with thousands of little plastic hand-size balls that you jump around in? That would be fun! And if you wanted to, you could study while sitting in that room, just as long as the guy next to you wasn’t having too much fun in there.

Andrew Colgan
Chemistry II



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