March 10, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 83  

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Jock Talk with Mustang

You were dealing with illness when the series was in Thunder Bay. Were you still feeling sick for the game on Saturday?
No, I was only feeling sick on Friday. When we were at Lakehead I was feeling kind of weak, tired and I was on intravenous. But I was OK for the Saturday game.

How does playoff hockey change things for you in comparison to the regular season?
I think it’s just mostly the quality of teams you play. In this Queen’s Cup, we’ll be facing [the University of Toronto], and could be facing some other really solid teams, too. In the playoffs, you have to come out hard because every night’s a battle.

How’d you feel about the game as a whole?
There was a great effort from both teams, and it basically came down to who got the lucky bounce and got a break for the win. I was proud of all of our guys, and I think we’re hopeful for another chance.

In the game you faced an incredible 86 shots, making 81 saves. Have you ever seen anything close to that kind of action before?
It was definitely the busiest I’ve ever been, for sure. I mean, goalies are normally used to seeing about 40 shots a night, so to face almost double that was pretty rare and really kept me busy out there.

How tiring was it, playing in a four-overtime game?
It’s certainly a factor, but I think it comes into play mostly with your mental game. You know, little things out there like passes not being right on the tape, a lot more clutching and grabbing. But you can’t focus on it because it affects both teams.

What do you anticipate the competition and pressure to be like for the Queen’s Cup?
There will be pressure, but I’m confident we can deal with it because we have some veteran guys, players that have been in [Ontario Hockey League] Championships and big tournaments. Our guys are used to performing in big games, but there’s still a sense of urgency out there.

Are you a Leafs fan?
Yeah, I’m a Leafs fan.

Who do you prefer, Ed Belfour or Curtis Joseph? Why?
I have to go with Eddie because I like his style a lot more; he’s far more consistent and steady than Joseph, and Cujo’s style is a bit more unorthodox. I like a goalie where you know what he’s going to give you night in and night out.

Do you see yourself more as Goldberg from The Mighty Ducks or Hanrahan from Slap Shot?
(laughs) Probably Hanrahan.

Does coach Clarke Singer remind you of Emilio Estevez?
No, no (laughs). No similarities.

—James Hayes



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