March 11, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 84  

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Eurotrip is a sucky Roadtrip

Starring: Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Michelle Trachtenburg
Directed by: Alec Berg & David Mandel

By Anna Coutts
Gazette Staff

It has its moments. It really does. But Eurotrip just doesn’t offer the nonstop laughter it’s predecessor Roadtrip did.

The jokes play on every European stereotype, from the German Nazis to the infamous nude bathing in France. Some of these jokes are absolutely hysterical, especially for the first hour of the film. Sadly, as the film drags on, it also winds down. The gaps between laughs grow continually larger, forcing the film into a silly and sappy finale.

Perhaps this is because the creators tried to stick too closely to their successful Roadtrip story-line. While in this case young Scotty (Mechlowicz) is the innocent one getting dumped by his slutty girlfriend (Kristen Kreuk) — instead of the cheating one trying to keep his sweet girlfriend — the gist of the film is basically identical.

Just as in Roadtrip, there is a spontaneous trip as the main character and his kooky friends rush from place to place so he can to get the girl (in this case Scotty’s hot German pen pal). Of course, there are all kinds of crazy mishaps and detours along the way. But the producers forgot one thing: sequels are never as good as the original.

While Eurotrip isn’t technically a sequel, it’s close enough, but not quite good enough. Only briefly does it capture Roadtrip’s witty humour.

If you’re looking for a light comedy and a couple of quick laughs, Eurotrip is it. But be forewarned: it’s not for the politically correct. If you’re easily offended by stereotypical jokes, steer clear of this flick.



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