March 11, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 84  

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Sweatshop Union
Natural Progression
Battle Axe Records

The Vancouver hip-hop collective Sweatshop Union is back with their sophomore release Natural Progression. With original beats and stylish rhymes, the Union has put out a great album.

A healthy mix of up-beat and laid-back songs Natural Progression will keep you moving through all 18 tracks. As their name suggests, Sweatshop Union uses their music to push a politically-charged message.

The album is on Vancouver hip-hop label Battle Axe Records, which is owned by Mad Child of the Swollen Members. The fact this album is so catchy and smart is a good reason that Battle Axe and the Swollen Members are giving it serious backing. But the Members better not push it too hard because there’s a good chance Sweatshop will be crowned the new kings of Van City hip-hop.

—Myles DeRosse

Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth
Antimatter Records

Don’t let the hilarious name fool you; Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth is no joke. This serious, hard rock album dubs itself a “rock odyssey” — one that’ll kick you in the face with steel-toed boots if you look at it sideways.

Predictably, the disc chronicles the rise and fall of an evil race of beastwomen who hail from — you guessed it — the centre of the earth. If this seems bizarre, look no further for an explanation than the band’s lead singer, John Mikl Thor. It’s not surprising Thor’s voice sounds like it comes from a man who could crush your skull with his bare hands.

Thor teams up on Beastwomen with Mick Hoffman to produce a spin-off comic book series, one which enhances the album’s mysterious, sexy and scantily-clad beastwomen culture.

—Arthur Thuot



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