March 12, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 85  

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Cabaret: sexy and seductive

Starring: Derritt Mason, Lara Katz, Holm Bradwell, Aisha Talarico, Ciarán McCarthy and Jonathan Tan
Music and Lyrics by: John Kander and Fred Ebb
Directed by: Joel Ivany

By Mark Bruder
Gazette Writer

Dallas Curow/Gazette
IF THIS ISN’T A REASON TO SEE CABARET, WHAT IS? A group of hot and sexy — and scantily clad — Cabaret stars strut their stuff.

When you think of Western students, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Do you envision sexy young ladies with fishnet stockings, frilly undergarments, curves that could kill and a look that pleads, “Come here Big Boy?”

Or maybe you think of a bunch of husky young men with chiseled faces, ripped muscles, stamina to keep you up all night and an attitude that boasts, “You know you want it!”

If you thought of anything other than this, get your butt down to Talbot College. Opening yesterday, the University Students’ Council’s Theatre Western and the Don Wright Faculty of Music present the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Cabaret.

Taking place in 1930s Berlin with Adolf Hitler on the rise, Cabaret tells the story of a young American novelist, Cliff Bradshaw, who comes to Germany looking for inspiration. Instead, he finds deception, manipulation and corruption.

Cliff is introduced to a young woman named Sally Bowles, the star attraction of the Kit Kat Klub, who describes herself as “strange and extraordinary.” Slowly, Cliff discovers he is unintentionally participating in a smuggling operation for the Nazis.

He finds that people have become overly dependent on blissful ignorance. As the story unfolds, the characters must face the imminent doom that will destroy their world.

Cabaret is one hell of a good time. It’s funny, playful, sexual, satirical and overflowing with talent. With dazzling dance moves, harmonious music and seductive costumes, Cabaret will lure you in and you won’t want to come out.

The first character on stage is the master of ceremonies played by Jonathan Tan, president of the Faculty of Music Students’ Council. His performance is utterly hilarious. Tan’s articulation is perfect, including the lines spoken in different languages and accents. He is physically and spiritually synchronized with his character at every moment, and his facial expressions are priceless. Memorable lines include, “Gentlemen, it is almost New Year’s. You now have 10 seconds to lose your wives!”

Derritt Mason plays Cliff Bradshaw. He is commanding and convincing in his role, illustrating his experience in the theatre. His counterpart, Lara Katz, plays Sally Bowles. Katz brings colour and warmth to the stage through her stunning dance moves, solos and style.

The role of Ernst Ludwig is played by Holm Bradwell. Ludwig is the sly, deceitful and intimidating German associate. Bradwell exceeds the expectations demanded by his character. Other standout roles include Fraulein Schneider (Aisha Talarico), Fraulein Kost (Giulia Mandolesi) and Herr Schultz (Ciarán McCarthy).

Cabaret captivates the audience with entertaining songs, such as “Willkommen,” “Don’t Tell Mama” and of course, “Two Ladies.” There isn’t a dull moment, except for the intermission. At one point, during a rowdy musical number, the conductor gets so excited his baton flies out of his hand.

What more do you need? With sexy dancers, professional singers/actors, comic relief in every corner and an ending that will leave you breathless, Cabaret is a wildly entertaining night of debauchery.

Cabaret runs for two weeks from Thursday, Mar. 11 to Sunday Mar. 14 and from Thursday, Mar. 18 to Saturday, Mar. 20. Shows are nightly at 8 p.m., with two matinees, Saturday Mar. 13 and Sunday Mar. 14, at 2 p.m.. Tickets are $20 for students, $18 for student groups of 10 or more and $25 for the general public, with a special $15 price for the Mar. 13 matinee. Tickets are available at InfoSource in the University Community Centre or from The Grand Theatre Box Office by calling 672-8800.



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