March 16, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 86  

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Icewater is on tap

By Christopher Hodge
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
“HEY, MAYBE THEY’LL LET US IN IF WE SAY WE’RE IN ICEWATER... ” “NAH, MAN, I DON’T THINK SO.” Icewater should be happier now than they look in this pic, what with their regular Friday gig at The Spoke and all.

Friday nights at The Spoke just got a bit cooler, courtesy of Icewater.

Western’s own heroes of indie rock will be making the old watering hole their regular stomping ground every Friday night until exams begin, says lead singer Ike Moore.

“The response has been phenomenal,” Moore says. “Most of those who are fans of the band are from Western. They’re a dedicated group who come out all the time to see us play when we have a show. Now, we’re looking to broaden our audience base a bit.”

Icewater has been a local fixture on the London bar scene for over a year and has established a small but dedicated fan base that Moore affectionately refers to as the “Icewater Legion.”

“We played a year of regular shows at the Rose & Crown to a mostly university crowd. It gave us some good exposure,” he says. “But being a cover band will only work for so long. It allows you to get to know the band and get tighter musically, while still being able to work on original material.”

Moore explains that over the summer, Icewater had a crucial discussion and agreed upon a new direction for the band.
“As soon as the summer hit, we realized the cover thing had to go,” he says. “Because of all the history the band had though, all we had to say was, ‘Boo, this is how it’s going be.’ Quite a few fans have come along with us, giving us a fan base a lot of other indie bands don’t normally have right off the bat.”

As a music student, Moore admits the response from the music faculty has been surprisingly positive. He says that although rock music is often frowned upon in a classical institution, many of his professors are encouraging.

“You would think that the profs would shy away from something like this, but it’s been quite the opposite,” Moore says. “They’ve given us a kick, and said, ‘Guys, this is a great way to apply what you’re learning’. A lot of the stuff we are learning has also heightened the rock experience.”

Moore emphasizes that the band’s use of irregular time signatures comes from the theoretical background they learned in school. Although the band is surviving on a student’s budget, it hasn’t impeded their ambitions, he says.

“I don’t think we have it any worse off than any of the other indie acts. Whether you’re working a full-time job, or going to school, finding time is a challenge. I think we are in a unique position. Going to school keeps us thinking about music all the time. Someone working in a factory during the day and playing at night doesn’t have that luxury,” he says.

With their new regular gig lined up at The Spoke, Moore says Icewater has begun thinking about their long-term goals. He’s adamant that the band has become more than a temporary distraction until graduation; he believes they have a bright future in store.

The band has also begun work on recording new material. Moore admits that although he is proud of their first independent CD, it is a work in progress and only a starting point for the band. They plan to push for a harder, more aggressive sound on their next CD.

“We have been writing quite a bit,” Moore says. “Each person will bring something to the table, and we will try out each other’s ideas and sounds. Now that we are more cohesive, Icewater’s sound is coming together.

“Our first album was a fair representation of where we were going. But we’re thinking a bit differently for the next one, and having the sound come together with a bit more consistency.”

Icewater play The Spoke every Friday.



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