March 17, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 87  

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Pulley pumps out punk-rock ear candy

By Graham Thomas
Gazette Writer

Since their debut EP in 1996, Pulley has continued to pump out punk-rock ear candy, and the band’s latest release Matters is set for release Apr. 4.

Familiar to punk-rock veterans, Pulley has always just ‘been there’ in the shadow of the scene, remaining true to their roots, while providing solid records and showing no signs of slowing down.

After lead-man Scott Radinsky was ejected from Ten Foot Pole’s lineup, he and four other talented musicians formed Pulley in ’95. With the recent loss of drummer Jordan Burns to Strung Out, Jim Cherry to Zero Down and bassist Matt Riddle to No Use For A Name, Pulley has managed to maintain their trademark sound.

With musical influences ranging from Kiss to The Descendants, Radinsky describes Pulley’s sound as “just something that comes out, not something we really try for.”

However, longtime fans can’t mistake the catchy, melodic, full power-chord sound that is Pulley. With debut tracks such as “Cashed In,” Pulley’s sound is recognizable to the most mildly-weathered punk-rock fan.

After releasing four records with producer Ryan Greene, the band’s latest EP is produced by Matt Hyde. Hyde’s experience working with Slayer, No Doubt and Sum 41 shines as he manages to maintain Pulley’s full-bodied sound. “We didn’t really have the time to work with Ryan — it’s a three day trip to Florida,” Radinsky explains. “We weren’t looking for anybody special; the record company introduced us to Matt.”

It’s not often you come across musicians who play professional sports on the side, but Radinsky is an exception. With both a passion for music and baseball, Radinsky has lived his dream, playing for the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians in a 10-year major league career, while also leading Pulley for eight years. With “no real difference” between his love for music and sports, the former eventually took over as Radinsky left Major League Baseball in 2001 to tour with his band.

Matters is the new 12-song EP named after the rickety old van Pulley drove across the continent in. In the meantime, they are “just progressing and putting together a new record — nothing really new,” Radinsky says, which comes as good news to most die-hard fans.

If you like the record, hold on to your spikes and suspenders because a potential semi-live album may be in the works. Radinsky explains that the band has spoken to Epitaph about producing a record similar to the Live In A Dive productions by Fat Wreck Chords.

“[It won’t be] a full album, but a few [live] tracks would be cool,” Radinsky notes. “The only problems are finding the right venue to do it in and having the money.”

Pulley are currently on the North American/European wide 2004 Frostbite Tour with Mad Caddies, Choke, Closet Monster and Irish Car Bomb.



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