March 17, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 87  

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Website of the Week

The Best Page In The Universe

There is a man who assumes he is much smarter than you. On his web page, he attests that his views are indisputable: “If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.”

His articles are opinion pieces that are more or less uncensored rants, including anything and everything that bothers him. The site began as a list of things that pissed him off, be eventually morphed into a collection of pieces, including “McDonald’s new ad campaign is an anagram for ‘ailing vomit’,” “Oops! You’re a racist” and “We know you’re a cranky bitch, you don’t need the bumper sticker.”

Although arrogant, his site is well-received due to his blend of humour and wit — he has garnered a whopping 46,881,835 hits thus far.

Whether you’re angry at the world, have a lot of spare time or are just looking to laugh a little, check out The Best Page In The Universe. If the site angers you or leaves you dissatisfied, feel free to add to the collection of hate mail — though it likely won’t faze the creator.

However, if you love the site you can invest in a T-shirt and some stickers, despite the creators caveat: “You’re not doing me a favour by buying this stuff. I’m doing you a favour by selling it.”

—Lori Mastronardi



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