March 18, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 88  

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Radio daze

Re: “Students, not community,” Mar. 16, 2004

To the Editor:
Before I came to Western, I tuned into CHRW 94.9 FM and enjoyed the alternative music selections it played, as well as the various shows it offered, including at Western and community programs.

The University Students’ Council plans on making CHRW “more relevant to students.” Can someone please clarify what “relevant” means? I’m hoping it is not a plan to change a great radio station into the corporate garbage we hear on mainstream radio.

I understand the students who listen to and love CHRW are in the minority. Some of these students choose to get involved in the Western community through this radio station because it is a great way to promote alternative styles of music that will not get air-play anywhere else.

I am not sure if CHRW makes a profit or not, but even if it doesn’t, I still don’t support the station being put under review, especially from the capitalist interests of Ivey students. The USC should realize that not everything a government puts money into will generate revenue. Every year, the government of Canada puts money into art galleries and museums that only a minority of Canadians enjoy.

If CHRW must be reviewed, why not ask the people who actually volunteer and listen to 94.9 FM to make the decisions?

Alicia C. Vandeweghe
History IV

Wasted cash

To the Editor:
You know what’s skanky?

Leather jackets, especially ones paid for by hordes of starving university students. I can’t help but wonder why some of Western’s precious budget was put towards buying Prime Minister Paul Martin a leather jacket. The money from that purchase could have been put towards other causes, such as wireless hardware for complaining students, further repairs to the Concrete Beach or just a discount on tuition. With the number of students in the student body, it probably works out to be less than a penny — but hey, I’ll take it!

Was this gesture done to top another university’s gift of kitchen knives? How come Western has to present someone with the skin of a flayed animal? Why couldn’t the marketing geniuses behind this have gone for the much more cost-effective (and hide-friendly) option of a sweatshirt from The BookStore?
I guess I’m just angry at having to contribute to this shoddy gesture of public relations. In the future, could I have the percentage of my tuition to be spent on empty handed, meaningless gestures appear on the fee breakdown?

Beatrice Yu
Classical Studies & Anthropology II

Litter letter

To the Editor:
I noticed today the litter that has been all over the ground since I first came here in September has magically disappeared. Is it a coincidence that this Saturday is Western’s Open House, with thousands of prospective students coming to see our “beautiful campus?” It’s only beautiful until you look at the ground. I have yet to look at the grass or sidewalk without seeing someone’s litter.

I find it hard to believe that people can be so uncaring and self-centred as to be unable to take a few seconds to walk to the nearest building or container to put their litter in its proper place. I am sure all you litterers do not enjoy looking at the mess you have made either. Who wants to kick garbage aside before sitting under a tree on a nice sunny day? Would you litter in your own backyard? Campus is like a backyard to all those who come here at least four or five days a week.

When the weather is gorgeous, people want to spend their break or eat their lunch outside. It would be great to be able to look around and ONLY see grass, trees and other objects that are supposed to be part of the view. Why should everyone have to suffer the consequences of certain people’s carelessness? Take responsibility for what is yours, and put your litter where it belongs — in the trash can.

Varana Mullen
Nursing I

Spanish Inquisition

To the Editor:
One of the best attributes of Western is The Gazette, the only daily university newspaper in Canada. But I must ask what the point is of paying the extra fees to support this newspaper when its news reporting is so horrible?

On Friday, I was saddened to see that the dominant story on the front page was about Western hosting the Queen’s Cup for the third consecutive year. The only other front page story was about Prime Minister Paul Martin’s visit. I must question the choice of The Gazette to not write a front page article on the horrible terrorist attacks in Madrid, Spain that occurred the previous day.

In fact, after reading the paper from cover-to-cover, I found that there was no mention of the attacks, which took the lives of 200 Madrid residents and injured more than 1,500 others. The Gazette didn’t think the attacks warranted even a mention in the news briefs!

I am sure every participant in the hockey tournament this past weekend would not have been opposed to a portion of the paper, even of the front page, being dedicated to this atrocity, and Paul Martin would surely approve of this editorial decision as well.

To the editors: you usually do a decent job of reporting the news that is of interest and importance to the students, but just because the event doesn’t occur at Western or involve university students doesn’t mean we are not interested.

Ben Filippini
BA Film ’03
Computer Science/Mathematics I



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