March 19, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 89  

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Arts Issue 2004 - Page 3

Pete Bastedo
Aaron Lynette
Dallas Curow
Ghost Hopes
By Andrea Zagrodny

I never thought there’d be a time
When the light comes through my window
And I fear to get up and face the day
Knowing it will only end in tears

Going through the motions
But not really living
Wondering if and how
This day will be different

Sometimes a flicker of light
Offers hope
But more often than not
It is extinguished in a moment’s carelessness

I wish I could hear a smile in your voice again
Just once
Feel your lips touch mine across the distance
Whisper to the stars

Maybe feel just one more time
Like I am worth something to you
Not just a distraction
From more important things

Not just a memory
A future fading away
Being replaced by a new life
And your new dreams

The sun sets
Streetlights turn on
I smile
Knowing tomorrow is a new beginning

But as I slip under the blanket
A tear falls, and I wonder
Is a smile worth the time
If tomorrow will be the same

I look at my pictures
Wrap my arms around myself, shivering
Hope for the future, regret the past
And question the present





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