March 19, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 89  

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Two sides to St. Patty’s Day

The Fortunate
For those of us able to partake in St. Patrick’s Day festivities, it was a wonderful, though debaucherous day. Through the happy green hue of beer goggles, Western was filled to the brim with cheer. Although the unmistakable smell of mass-consumed beer was wafting from The Spoke and The Wave, students walked with a spring in their step and jolly smiles on their faces.

Perhaps students were embracing the last opportunity to celebrate St. Patty’s at The Spoke, before it becomes “Spoke Jr.” or “Playland” next fall. The atmosphere inside the bar was drunken euphoria, complete with soggy, sticky carpets and declarations of “I love you, man!” ringing throughout the air. Patrons were dancing with glee and did not even hesitate to slow dance to songs by AC/DC. Rick McGhie stole the show as usual — his cameo further contributed to the sense of tradition and community at The Spoke.

Marathon drinking is no easy feat, and a confusing time warp occurred for those who began their intoxication in the morning. By 9 p.m. that night, many people had the erroneous sensation it was last call. Those individuals may have found themselves tucked snugly in bed (or couch, or floor) well before midnight. St. Patty’s day on campus was a rollicking romp through the University Community Centre. Pity for those unfortunate enough to be doing schoolwork on a school day.

The Unfortunate
Those of us who had essays to write, jobs to perform or exams to study for and did not have the liberty to booze it up in celebration of St. Patrick did not have such an enjoyable day.

It’s downright depressing to witness throngs of people drinking and having fun all day long when you’re unable to partake.
On what other occasion are there drunken lunatics running around campus, completely smashed, at noon? When else are there jolly green lines of people waiting all day to get into The Spoke?

Not only is it a day-long reminder of the inability to celebrate along with everyone else, it is cruel to be deprived of the best and cheapest lunch on campus on such a depressing day.

To add insult to injury, the festivities can also be heard and smelled by everyone outside the bars. The music is extra loud, the patrons extra sing-songy and the beer odour seems to permeate everything.

For anyone in the UCC yesterday, it was not hard to get a whiff of the liquid courage coming out of The Spoke, no matter where you were in the building.

No, St. Patty is not kind to those who do not join the celebration. Even the day after is an insult. With everyone else hung-over, you’d think there would be some smug satisfaction. But no, the stories of merriment from the beer-soaked day still haunt us sad, sober people.



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