March 23, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 90  

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Mmm, tastes like Easter... or does it?

Easter is approaching, so we decided to take this opportunity to review a few of the most common Easter treats. Below, your faithful A&E Editors Lori Mastronardi, Megan O’Toole and Brian Wong, with the help of Sports Editors Alison Stolz and Ian Denomme, and Opinions Editor Mark Polishuk, offer a few comments on the tastiness of Easter.

Caramilk Bunnies:
Megan: Aww, they’re so cute! They look like real bunnies!
Lori: They look kinda devilish though...
Brian: They taste like Caramilk, but in bunny form.
Lori: It’s too chewy. It’s like those little Caramilk squares... they’re so chewy and you can’t talk while you eat them.
Ali: They’re very warm; it’s melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. It’s smoother and mushier than the regular Caramilk bar, so it’s better.

Dairy Milk Bunnies:
Lori: It’s just chocolate.
Ali: It doesn’t compare to the Caramilk one.
Mark: This doesn’t taste like Easter.
Megan: How boring.

Caramilk Creme Egg:
Mark: If heaven was a creme egg, this would be it.
Ian: I’ve never had a creme egg before.
Mark: How could you have not had a creme egg before, ya crazy...

Cadbury Creme Egg:
Brian: It’s very big. (Takes a bite.) What is this? How is this egg?
Ian: That yellow mystery stuff makes it look like yolk.

Wunderbar Creme Egg:
Ali: Mmm, this is peanut-buttery! I can smell the peanut butter! The middle’s not gooey though; it’s hard.
Mark: So it’s like a Tootsie Roll-type thing going on there?
Ali: I guess. I don’t like this.
Brian: (Still eating Cadbury Creme Egg.) I don’t like this either.
Ali: It leaves my mouth feeling gross.

Hershey Marshmallow Egg:
Brian: It looks like a potato bug.
Lori: (Trying to be nice) It looks like a loaf of French bread.
Brian: (Negating Lori’s niceness) Or a turd.
Lori: I don’t like it. It’s like that dark, strong, old-person chocolate. Not sweet at all.



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