March 23, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 90  

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PDQ “get shit done”

By Benjamin Mann
Gazette Writer

Gazette File Photo
PDQ GET A LITTLE TIGHTER EVERY SHOW. PDQ are touring to promote their debut album, Every New Place, a mix of rock, jazz, funk and blues.

TORONTO — As PDQ settle into their seats at a local diner, the personality and aura surrounding the band is revealed.

Drummer Guy Godfree quietly builds castles with the complementary butter and creamers. Next to him, self-assured keyboardist Brendan Quinn quietly scans the menu. Directly across from Godfree and Quinn, guitarist Jonathan Ophek, answers his cellphone, never once looking at the menu — never doubting his choice of a small Greek salad in a large bowl. Finally, bassist Dominic Hanlon nervously chats with the enemy known as the media.

While Hanlon says the group draws inspiration from The Beatles, Ophek quickly interjects: “It’s tough to find just one inspiration. Music is a way of expression, like taking a paintbrush and just painting. Unfortunately, if I painted it’d look like shit, but luckily my music doesn’t sound too bad.”

At first glance, they might seem intimidating, but after about an hour, it’s obvious PDQ are incredibly focused on achieving their goals and are also some of the nicest, most relaxed guys you’ll ever meet. Although Ophek is constantly on his cellphone, he’s actually setting up a road hockey game.
Ophek and Quinn were raised in Toronto, while Hanlon and Godfree were bred out East. The group finally came together when all four lived on the East Coast.

PDQ’s debut album Every New Place is a mix of rock, jazz, funk and blues. It was recorded at Quinn’s family cottage, a place where the band says they were able to escape everything and bond as a unit. The album’s title is a tribute to their feelings of touring Canada and the excitement of visiting new places across the country.

“Touring is awesome. It’s like a mix between vacationing and work,” Godfree says.

“It’s always nice just to roll into a new town, with new people and good shows,” Quinn adds.

The guys are all laid back, but at the same time they refuse to wait for things to happen. PDQ are actually the initials of a good friend who “is incredibly intense.” Over the years, the initials became somewhat of an adjective, synonymous with “getting shit done” — the approach the boys wanted to take — and PDQ stuck.

For now, the band is loving life, touring and working on their next album. Quinn reveals that they are always trying to improve and “get a little tighter every show.” PDQ also wants to maintain its edge, stay fresh and as Godfree says, “make good records, good songs and have a good time.”

PDQ will be performing at the Bacchus Lounge tonight.



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