March 23, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 90  

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Campus drunks cause police headache

By Marshall Bellamy
Gazette Staff

It’s still winter outside, but isn’t stopping the crazy drunks at Western from falling asleep outside, taking long walks without their winter clothing or carelessly injuring themselves in the name of Drinkus Maximus, the god of Western crime and drunkenness.

Elgin Austen, director of the Campus Community Police Service, said he would like to commend the efforts of the Student Emergency Response Team in light of the recent calls they received, ranging from students slipping on ice to alcohol-related injuries.

Austen pointed out a need for students to plan ahead when they are going to drink, citing the incident of a female student who was found wandering campus without a coat by the CCPS over the weekend. “[Just] keep an eye on each other,” he said.

No weekend would be complete without at least a few students pulling fire alarms in residences. Austen asked students to consider that fire alarms summon entire fire crews to the scene. “It’s not funny,” he said.

In the quest of staving off crazy drivers on campus, or at least making them drive a little carefully, Austen said the CCPS is launching a campaign to survey drivers, create awareness for driving safely and enforce the rules of the road.

Austen noted that off-campus ruffians are coming on campus to vandalize certain fixtures with their tags. “Sometimes these things happen in spikes,” he said, adding Western is experiencing such a spike.

The world outside Western seemed a little less petty. Const. Paul Martin, spokesperson for the London Police Department, confirmed that a stolen car was involved in a high-speed collision at Oxford and Colborne Sts., resulting in the hospitalization of one person and several other suspects eluding police. The LPD is appealing to the public for help with identifying the suspects.



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