March 24, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 91  

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York suspends Middle East groups

York University has suspended the privileges of Middle East-related campus clubs after the Jewish group Hillel held a vigil last week, and Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights held a competing protest on the same day that included a demonstration of Israeli checkpoint.

Federal budget a lesson in damage control, conservative spending

Finance Minister Ralph Goodale’s first budget reflected the prudent history of Prime Minister Paul Martin from his days in the job, and highlighted the Liberals’ promised increase for funding post-secondary education to make it more accessible for students from lower income families.

Ontario extra slutty, chlamydia stats show

Renowned for engaging in promiscuous sex, Western students should take heed of an apparently widespread growth in the occurrence of chlamydia. In Ontario, the problem seems concentrated in, but not isolated to, Waterloo.

Campus Inquisition

In light of the recent selection of the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the release of the federal budget, The Gazette, lacking any taste, decided to make a daring quest into the University Community Centre and ask the tough questions about what is the real issue right now in Canadian politics, be it elections, budgets or self-admitted ignorance.

B.C. pharmacies will be doling out grass

Pharmacies in British Columbia could soon be dealing medicinal marijuana to registered users if a Health Canada pilot project proves successful — but red tape and legal obstacles threaten to burn the deal.

Student sues school for bad advice

A student attending Grande Prairie Regional College in Alberta has successfully sued the college for giving her wrong advice, and was awarded over $21,000.

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