March 25, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 92  

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Madonna in Toronto: After dissing Canada on her last tour, the aging pop singer has scheduled a July 18 stop at the Air Canada Centre for her new tour, entitled the Re-Invention Tour. According to her manager, Madonna will perform songs that span her entire career, while giving them a fresh new spin. Tickets go on sale this Saturday through Ticketmaster.

Mystic River playing at Western Film: Finally, students who don’t have money to burn at Silver City will be able to see the movie everyone’s been talking about! River opens tomorrow.

Leah Labelle getting the boot on American Idol: Nice to see the voting public isn’t as idiotic as Paula Abdul. Leah was lucky to have made it as far as she did; it’s about time she got the heave-ho.


Paris Hilton on The OC: Her guest stint on the self-indulgent new show about pretty white kids with problems proved to be hugely lame. And what was with the script? As if anyone would believe Paris spends her nights secretly working on her thesis. That’s just laughable.

The end of Sex: Oh Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha — now who will we relate to for all our relationship woes? Already aired in the United States, but something we’ve collectively kept hush-hush about the final episode of Sex and the City airs on Bravo tomorrow night.

People who walk into a computer lab while a class is in session, but don’t know a class is in session: Um, there’s a TEACHER standing in front of the room, LECTURING. How is it not clear there’s a class going on?



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