March 25, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 92  

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King’s Council to un-incorporate?

By Marshall Bellamy
Gazette Staff

Excessive insurance costs and liability issues may force the King’s College Students’ Council to un-incorporate itself and possibly take on a closer relationship with the University Students’ Council.

According to KCSC President Mike Heilandt, the KCSC has no insurance policy of its own but pays into — and is under — the USC insurance plan for the director and officer insurance and non-alcoholic liability insurance. However, in order to be covered by the alcohol liability insurance, he said the KCSC may consider un-incorporating.

“It has gotten to the point that it has seriously impeded our ability to function,” Heilandt said of the high insurance costs for running Wet events. “The heyday of student council is over; people need to realize that.” Heilandt will be presenting a motion to that effect to the KCSC.

“If we’re going to insure another corporation, you want to ensure you have controls over it so you can manage your risks,” explained USC general manager Mark Sellars, adding no firm plans have been made with the KCSC, therefore un-incorporating them cannot be ruled out. Sellars stressed the need to balance managerial independence and risk.

Heilandt explained that there is another option for the KCSC, which would see the council attempt to take out its own insurance policy; however, he said the cost for the insurance could be anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000.

“I don’t think they’d even get insurance coverage because they don’t have any full-time staff,” said USC comptroller Karen Jackson, citing the need for an employee to do the work for keeping an insurance policy.

Jackson explained that because King’s students are paying $1 on average for the director and officer insurance and liability, there would be savings for Wet event insurance as well. “We could apply on their behalf — they would get the benefit of the fact that we are a big organization.”

“I think the better [option] would be getting our own [insurance], but the question is how much we are going to pay,” said KCSC VP-events Mike Breech. “We can get it under the USC, but we’d have to un-incorporate,” he added.

“I see problems with us being under the USC,” said King’s Orientation co-ordinator and former KCSC VP-events Lindsay McGowen. “Trying to let another council over top of you is not a good idea.”

McGowen explained that the KCSC’s relationship with the administration at King’s is good, so there could be a third option of seeking their support. “I think it’s an option because we do have that tie.”

“As a council, it is much easier to maintain the status quo — what we need to learn is that change is not that bad,” Heilandt said.



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