March 25, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 92  

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Jock talk with ol’ J.W.

Matt Prince/Gazette
ARE YOU MY DADDY? MOMMY SAYS YOU MIGHT BE. Taken aback by hard questions from some young fans, J.W. had little recourse but to cup his jaw in his hands.

Since J.W. is a mascot and he cannot speak, we felt that these may have been his most likely responses to our questions. But that’s just us.

Umm, OK. What does being Western’s mascot mean to you?
It’s been the best part of my Western career. It’s amazing I get to be a part of Mustang athletics, and in the best way possible — I get to support the athletes and teams while having a really great time myself.

How does it feel to be 20 years old?
I feel great — neigh! I am getting up there, though. Pretty soon I’ll look like Bob Barker.
What is your favourite food?
Grass, carrots and salt-licks to name a few. I also really love Nutella and white bread, but not just any white bread. It has to be discount white bread.

Is your hair naturally purple and white?
I never tell beauty secrets.

When you’re not entertaining fans, what kind of things do you do?
The usual stuff. I like to watch movies, play old-school Nintendo, maybe study (laughs). I also really enjoy dating; it’s great to get to know someone a little better, if you know what I mean. Currently J.W. is working on scoring a date with Minnie Mouse, but is having problems with the distance thing.

What section of The Gazette do you like the best?
Sports, obviously! Where else can you catch up on stats, read player profiles, update yourself on Western and pro sports and read the constantly witty cutlines?

What is your favourite Mustang team?
Uhh, all of them. (J.W. told us “off the record,” that he is afraid of severe beatings if he names one team specifically).

Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?
Well, Pepsi’s ad campaigns feature a lot more eye candy, but Coke is my pick! Rock ’n’ roller cola wars I can’t take it anymore!

Would you follow the trend of Western ladies and pierce your nose?
And de-purify myself? Never! Although it may look good, what do you think? (J.W. pulls a mirror out of the drawer to check out his nose).

Do you think team mascots are given enough credit for their skills?
Well, I do have a pretty loyal fan base, but I would like to see a few more awards go to me! For example, at the athletic banquet I should be honoured for my spirit and enthusiasm. I should get a Purple Blanket — horses need to stay warm too, you know!

As a mascot, you are asked to embody the spirit of Western. What is that spirit?
The spirit of Western... well it’s purple and white, and damn sexy. But it encompasses so much more than that. I think it’s impossible to describe — it’s just an amazing feeling.

—Alison Stolz



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