March 26, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 93  

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Damn insurance companies

Hot dog lady: Spring has many harbingers — the appearance of the occasional robin, scantily clad Western girls and, yes, the hot dog lady. Normally lips and assholes are not a welcome site, but after a long wintry hot dog drought, the hot dog lady’s product has never looked better.

Landlords need to watch their space

I'm hot

Do you have one of those great landlords who is always making sure everything at your place is OK or who actually fixes things that break?

Democracy: the right to strain your voice

Thrust n' Perry

Activism is the new “in” thing sweeping through Hollywood, allowing celebrities to soapbox and churn out thousands of brainwashed youth to support their cause.

Done in by the denim vest: phone number follies

The Amazing Shadow

Before I get into the grim details of this rant, I’d like to begin by imploring anyone who may read this column to hang onto whatever burnt-out shreds of honesty they may have left.




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