March 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 94  

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Bidding a final farewell to Sex and the City
American Girl in Paris (Part 2)

By Kyle Gordon
Gazette Writer

SOME SAMPLE SEX SNAPSHOTS. From top to bottom: the girls on the streets of NYC, Samantha’s hot love interest Smith, Carrie in Paris, Carrie and Mr. Big reunited.

It’s official: Sex has left the City.

After six seasons of outrageous sex, extravagant fashions and an abundance of break ups, Sex and the City said a final farewell to its weekly time-slot on Bravo — and to it’s many devoted fans.

As “American Girl in Paris (Part Une)” came to an end a couple weekends ago, a few questions remained. Would Carrie be happy with Aleksandr Petrovsky, or would Big miraculously appear in Paris at just the right moment?

Executive producer Michael Patrick King answered the pressing questions this past weekend, in the series’ final episode, “American Girl in Paris (Part Deux).”

Carrie’s “ick factor” romance with the Russian came to a halt when Petrovsky accidentally slapped her. At this quintessential moment, Big appeared in the lobby of Carrie’s Paris hotel.

After six seasons, Big finally confessed his true feelings — as if viewers didn’t already know Carrie was the one. He prevailed as the hero, rescuing Carrie from the seemingly evil Russian. For any of you who blinked and missed the enormous moment, Carrie’s cellphone rang and the call display finally revealed Big’s first name: John.

It was evident from the start that the impotent Dr. Trey MacDougal would be incapable of fulfilling Charlotte’s dreams. But who would have thought she would find happiness with a bald, fat, adorable, Jewish divorce lawyer? Regardless of his evident lack of physical appeal, Harry truly was Charlotte’s soul mate.

To complete their fairy tale marriage, the final episode revealed that a baby was waiting in China for Charlotte and Harry to adopt. Charlotte’s unfailing optimism finally reaped its reward: a beautiful marriage, a baby on the way and a litter of Elizabeth Taylor’s King Charles Spaniels.

There is no denying Samantha’s love interest Smith Jarrod was gorgeous. And although he was the “Absolut Hunk,” his devotion to Samantha far superseded his looks. While Samantha’s chemotherapy treatments left her feeling less promiscuous than usual, Smith patiently put his sexual needs in neutral.

In an attempt to push Smith away, Samantha encouraged him to have sex with other women while on location. Confident about his feelings for Samantha, Smith flew back to New York and surprised her. Who would have guessed that Samantha would be struck by cupid’s arrow?

Miranda, the uptight, straight-shooting attorney finally dropped her defenses and gave into motherhood and marriage. After much coercion, her husband Steve finally convinced Miranda to move to Brooklyn so their son Brady could have a backyard to play in. Miranda embraced the new changes in her life, and her new-found generosity left her bathing Steve’s ill mother.

Why is it that viewers felt such an attachment to these four women? Could it be that they saw a bit of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda in themselves? Maybe it was the clothing they wished they could wear, or the subtle nuances and vulgar sexual innuendoes that kept viewers on their toes. For most though, it was likely the delightful friendships these women maintained for six wonderful seasons.

Au revoir Sex and the City!



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