March 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 94  

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March madness: Gazette 49, USC 35

By Emmett Macfarlane
Gazette Staff
Jordan Bell/Gazette
THE GAZETTE AND THE USC GET TOUCHY FEELY — FOR THE FIRST AND LAST TIME ALL YEAR. In a resounding 49-35 Gazette football victory at Elgin field on Sunday afternoon, the players never forgot the true meaning of love.

Journalists from The Gazette collided with University Students’ Council politicians for the annual Gazette versus USC football game Sunday afternoon, in an epic (and clearly not defensive) battle which saw Gazette staff trample the politicos 49-35.

Although hampered by spending every waking moment of the school year behind desks, eating CentreSpot food and writing for a daily newspaper, the Gazetters came out hard, scoring the opening touchdown on their first drive of the game.

USC President Paul Yeoman, VP-finance Rohan Belliappa, VP-campus issues Adrienne Kennedy, VP-student affairs Matt Huether and a host of other politicians regrouped after referring the matter of offense to committee, rewriting 14 bylaws and holding a roll-call vote. Unfortunately, the USCers didn’t have quorum, so by the half they were down 28-14.

Led by News Editors Marshall Bellamy and Dan Perry, Sports Editors Ian Denomme and Dave Lee, Opinions Editor Mark Polishuk, and Editor-in-Chief Emmett Macfarlane (oh, and a bunch of sports writers who played football in high school and who clearly spend a lot less time in the office than their peers), The Gazette team refused to get overconfident.

The game was also noteworthy in that neither side brought any ‘ringers’, and there was no blood or broken bones despite the rhetoric being spewed back and forth in the days leading up to the game.

Game stats: MVP for USC team: USC president-elect Nick Staubitz. MVP for Gazette team: photographer Aaron Lynett. Total touchdowns scored: 12. Total cookies consumed: 40. Number of Gazette News editors drinking rum during the game: 1. Number of times a USC player raised his hand and said “point of order”: 14.



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