March 30, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 94  

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Warm weather brings rowdiness, drunks

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

Campus Community Police Service director Elgin Austen said it all in describing this past week’s on-campus debauchery: “lots of mischief kinds of things.”

Austen reported a large number of calls that required the Student Emergency Response Team. “Intoxicated students,” he said. “We had some falls, sickness and injuries.

“As soon as the warm weather starts, we start seeing these kinds of things,” he added.

Two males were reportedly seen kicking in the windows of a bus stop near Elgin Hall and throwing things at cars this weekend. “Most incidents of mischief and rowdiness have to do with excessive drinking and young people who can’t handle it,” Austen said.

CCPS did lay a few drinking charges this weekend, as well as one for drug trafficking. Austen also noted that there was some vandalism of signs near Saugeen-Maitland Hall.

“Again, I think it should also be noted, with the number of young persons we have here [at Western], 99 per cent are good. We only have problems with a few,” Austen said.

Despite the good spirit of most Mustangs, Austen also pointed to a theft of a work of art. “Somebody obviously thought that they should take it. We’re trying to get it back.” The painting was stolen from the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre.

Const. Paul Martin of the London Police Department reported that a traffic blitz in school zones this week resulted in 83 charges, 52 of which were for speeding.

“As the warmer weather brings more and more pedestrian and bicycle traffic to our streets, the London Police Service is asking all motorists to be considerate of others using the road, and drive co-operatively,” Martin said in a press release.



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