March 31, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 95  

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Joyce Wang/Gazette
FEMINISM AND BAKING? WHY DOES THIS PICTURE NOT SEEM RIGHT? Leah Iszakovits (second from right), Andrea Waddell (third from right) and Christine Testa (fourth from right) man, er, woman the stand for the Ironic Feminist bake sale.

Are profs paid too much?
Western releases list of ‘high’ salaries

Western’s list of top-earning staff members shows that faculty salaries are competitive with other universities, despite only minor salary increases, but some critics say they may be too high.

Grad Club/Coke deal spurs petition

A petition currently being circulated implores the Society of Graduate Students not to go through with an exclusive deal between the Grad Club and Coca-Cola.

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