March 31, 2004  
Volume 97, Issue 95  

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Are profs paid too much?
Western releases list of ‘high’ salaries

Western’s list of top-earning staff members shows that faculty salaries are competitive with other universities, despite only minor salary increases, but some critics say they may be too high.

Grad Club/Coke deal spurs petition

A petition currently being circulated implores the Society of Graduate Students not to go through with an exclusive deal between the Grad Club and Coca-Cola.

All’s Wells that ends well: talkin’ politics

Paul Wells, the back page editor for Maclean’s magazine and a Gazette alumnus, visited Western yesterday to discuss the upcoming federal election and other political issues of the day.

Student code could impugn your transcript

This year’s review of the Code of Student Conduct has raised several issues concerning certain sections of the document — some of which students may not be aware of despite the potential effect it may have on them.

Mid East speaker talks bridge-building, peace

The atmosphere heated up during Clement Leibovitz’s presentation at Western on Monday evening.

First-person account of tragedy

The horrors of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are sometimes lost on a television audience thousands of kilometres away, but speakers such as Gideon Black are determined to put a human face on the hostilities to truly expose the tragedy.

Why the Middle East is so close to home

Kats got your tongue

With all the conflicts occurring worldwide, why is the Palestinian/Israeli one so prevalent and heated on Canadian campuses? To attempt to find an answer, I interviewed Mat Abramsky of the Israel Action Committee, and Randa B. Mouammar of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights.

Cecilia’s death mourned online

As Canadians learn of the death of Cecilia Zhang, some Internet users are coping with the shock by changing their MSN Messenger handles.

Guardian Angels watching London

London philanthropes with time on their hands have been trying to make a difference in the community through the Guardian Angels Safety Patrol.

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