May 20, 2004  
Volume 98, Issue 01  

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Campaign Western raises over $300-million

In a ceremony held in Conron Hall on May 6, Campaign Western chair Bill Brock publicly announced that over $300-million has been raised in private donations to Western since September 2000.

Provincial budget to fund tuition freeze

Amid the catcalls from hecklers in the Provincial Legislature, Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara tabled the Liberal government’s first budget on Tuesday, and post-secondary education will not be left out in the cold.

Foreign hiring angers qualified Canadians

Canadian university teachers and academics are fuming over what they call discriminatory hiring policies at some of the country’s best institutions of learning.

Klein under fire for improper citation
Premier accused of plagiarism

University life is full of various trials and tribulations, including waking up for morning classes, studying for harrowing exams, drinking to excess, plagiarizing academic essays — oh, and running Alberta. Especially if you’re Ralph Klein.

Grant overpayments recouped

The provincial government is on a mission to recoup money that was given out erroneously to students over 20 years ago.

Waterloo ups tuition to make a point

Critics are slamming the University of Waterloo Board of Governors for passing a motion on Tuesday to increase tuition fees, in an attempt to draw attention to the money it will lose in the event of a tuition freeze.

Update: Iraq prison abuse scandal

WASHINGTON (CP) — Key U.S. generals said Wednesday there may be more criminal charges in the Iraq prison abuse scandal and denied that tough interrogation tactics were endorsed by the Pentagon.

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> Magical machine reduces pain in snails and people alike
> Western prof to recieve teaching award
> Western student politico named prez of OUSA




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