May 20, 2004  
Volume 98, Issue 01  

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Summer fun for lonely London dwellers

By Ian Van Den Hurk
Gazette Staff

Over the course of summer, you might find yourself trapped alone in London, completely bored out of your mind with nothing to do. Since you haven’t found a job yet and your roommates have ditched you for the comforts of living at home with mommy and daddy, you’ll need to combat the boredom. Hence, we have compiled a list of cheap, easy ideas that you can try over the summer to exercise your mind and body all by yourself.

Watch a baseball game. With no Mustangs in town to watch, those dying for some live sports can check out the London Majors of the Intercounty Baseball League. The IBL carries some serious history, currently holding its 85th season. The Majors make their home at Labatt Park, and a full schedule can be found at

Develop a gambling addiction. While this is easily the most expensive proposition on this list, it is potentially the most profitable. You can always turn to the tired classics like Pro-Line, though an even more intriguing opportunity is the horse track. Races are held at the Western Fair on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Drop a few bucks on a horse, and hope for a big payoff. Better yet, you’ll get a great workout every time you roll up enough debt that you need to sprint for your life whenever you see your bookie.

Set up a hockey net in the driveway. With enough practice in the driveway, you’ll be putting Ray Bourque to shame in the target shooting competition. Come September, your roommates will be returning from home, and they’ll be all fattened up from a summer of mom’s cooking and not shooting hockey pucks. Challenge the suckers for a case of beer and laugh maniacally as your buddies launch pucks over the garage and into the neighbor’s yard. Not only did you hone your skills all summer, now you can get drunk.

Invent your own game. Remember when Principal Skinner was trapped in a basement with all those newspapers on top of him? He would see how many times he could dribble a basketball in a day, and then he’d try to break the record. If Skinner can maintain sanity for a week, so can you! Find some sort of repetitive, inane task that requires only the slightest physical dedication and ability, and enjoy the fun. Just try to keep away from those towering stacks of newspapers.

Play solitaire. Ahhh, solitaire, the friend of the friendless. At this point you’re getting desperate. A card game that can be played all by your lonesome, solitaire seems to be an action-packed and invigorating activity for anyone — or at least it would seem that way to those kids that sat by themselves in the cafeteria in high school. So if you can’t find a friend, find a deck of cards.

Dig a fire pit. Tossing “the man’s” unappealing bylaws to the wayside, head into your backyard and start digging a good old-fashioned fire pit. As far as firewood goes, I recommend the skid. You can usually steal them from your local wholesale grocery store, such as No Frills. They last long, burn great, and if you stack a bunch of them up, you can have a big-ass fire. That big-ass fire not only means cooking dogs and keeping the bugs away, but the possibility of friends showing up to mooch — no more solitaire for you, Fonzie!



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