May 27, 2004  
Volume 98, Issue 02  

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Madrox, murders and movies, oh my!

By Mark Polishuk
Gazette Staff

Here’s what’s cooking in the world of comic books this week...

• Uber-writer Peter David’s latest project is a miniseries focusing on (of all people) Madrox the Multiple Man, a little-known member of X-Factor. David, perhaps best known for his legendary run on The Incredible Hulk, has faced his own multiplicity as of late; an uncharacteristically large number of his projects are being canceled. Young Justice was one of DC’s most critically acclaimed series, and yet got the axe in 2003, and Captain Marvel will be canceled by the end of the summer. But this time, it’s a miniseries, so it’ll be over soon regardless.

• The first issue of DC’s major summer miniseries, Identity Crisis, hits stands in June. Written by Brad Meltzer and drawn by Rags Morales, the series is promised to have far-reaching consequences that will affect the entire DC Universe. Then again, DC says that for all of their crossovers and it rarely happens.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of buzz surrounding this series, both because Meltzer is such a talented writer and because so little is known about the concept. Early details suggest that Identity Crisis will be a murder mystery that involves both old and new incarnations of the Justice League.

The $64,000 question, of course, is who’s going to get murdered. Since DC is hyping this series so much, it’s likely going to be someone notable. We can cross characters like Batman, Superman, etc. off of the list, but some big-name potential victims include...

—Kyle Rayner, as the “Hal Jordan will return as Green Lantern” rumours continue to swirl.
—Firestorm, since even though he has a new solo book, Ronnie Raymond might get the Rayner-esque shaft as the title character.
—Stephanie Brown, aka Spoiler, or aka the new Robin. Tim Drake will inevitably be reinstalled as Robin, though you figure that something as major as this would happen in either Robin or the zillion other Batman titles.

• Marvel’s movie onslaught shows no signs of slowing down. Fantastic Four will hit screens in 2005, and there is talk of movies about Namor (starring the Rock) and Iron Man (starring, of all people, Tom Cruise).

• Spider-Man 2 doesn’t open for a month yet, but the third installments of both the Spider-Man and X-Men franchises are already being planned. Also in the works are sequels to The Punisher and, surprisingly, The Hulk.



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