May 27, 2004  
Volume 98, Issue 02  

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The Western Fair: not just for chronic gamblers

Students in London looking for a new and entertaining experience to occupy their weekend might want to consider the raceway at the Western Fair.

A World Series to circle the globe?

Larkin in the dark

An exciting summer awaits the sports world in 2004. In addition to the Stanley Cup, the National Basketball Association Championship, the U.S. Open and the British Open, sports fans anxiously anticipate the Summer Olympics and the World Cup of Hockey.

Olympics need to slam Bridge

Incredible Hurk

As officials scramble feverishly to prepare Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games, I’ve found myself pondering a very disturbing issue that has quietly surfaced over the past few years.

Outside the Western gates

Since most of our beloved readers are too engaged in either their summer studies or debauchery to keep up on the latest in the wonderful world of sports, The Gazette thought it would be a swell idea to keep everyone informed. Here are the highlights of the past week:



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