Advisory Board



1.01   The purpose of the Advisory Board is to oversee formal complaints that have been carried through the newly mandated formal complaints process. The second objective of the board is to act as a formal body of mentors in situations where the Editorial Board has questions regarding issues pertinent to print journalism.

1.02   The Advisory Board reviews complaints about the editorial content of the paper in light of The Gazette’s Code of Ethics and Editorial Policy. The Advisory Board will act as the designated body ensuring compliance with the Editorial Policy.

1.03   The Advisory Board will meet at least twice annually over the course of The Gazette’s publishing schedule. The purpose of the first meeting will be to meet, to introduce members to one another and to the Editorial Board and to discuss whatever issues are pertinent to the year ahead. Board members will thereafter make themselves available for consultation with editors by either phone or email. The second meeting will be held early in second term at a date agreed upon by the Board. At this time, the Board, along with the Front Office, will discuss the direction of the paper, and its success in meeting its goals and adhering to its various policies.

1.04   Members of the Board who do not have ready access to copies of The Gazette throughout the year will be provided with a subscription, the expense of which will be covered by The Gazette.

1.05   Additional Board meetings may only be called by the Chairperson or the Editor-in-Chief under extra-ordinary circumstances.


2.01   See attached document, “Inaugural Advisory Board for 2007-8

2.02   The authority to change the Board’s structure and composition, apart from decisions to remove Board members, resides entirely with the Front Office. The Front Office should strive to maintain a diversity of representatives working within various print media disciplines. The final decision on the Board composition is the Front Office’s alone. In the event of a Board member stepping down, it is the duty of the Front Office to find a suitable replacement within a timely manner.

2.03   The number of members on the Board will be determined by Front Office. However, it is integral to the board’s composition that it has a Chairperson. The composition of the Board will be no less than five members. A majority of Board members shall form quorum for Advisory Board meetings.


3.01   At the first meeting each academic year, a Chairperson will be decided based on a vote by the Advisory Board at the meeting opening. The member will sit as Chairperson until the following academic year.


4.01   See Complaints Procedure

4.02   The Advisory Board may only consider complaints addressing editorial content of a paper.

4.03   It is the role of the Chairperson to review/investigate complaints initiated through the formal complaints process. The Chairperson will determine the merit of the complaint in light of The Gazette’s Editorial Policy and Code of Ethics. Complaints that are not deemed frivolous or vexatious be put before the rest of the Board. The Chairperson will call a meeting of the Board. It is the role of the Board to review the complaint and to make recommendations on what action should be taken, if any.  


5.01   Membership on the Board is voluntary.

5.02   A member may remove herself or himself from the Board by providing a letter in writing to the Chairperson.

5.03   The Chair and the Editor-in-Chief initiate and decide on the removal of Board members by consensus. Board members will be removed for being unwilling or unable to fulfill membership duties. A majority vote by the Board is required. The decision to remove a member is immediate and cannot be appealed.


6.01   2007 represents the first year of operation of the Advisory Board.

6.02   A committee will be struck including the current and incoming Front Office and the incoming USC President by March 15, 2008 to review the Board’s structure and these Terms of Reference. The success and relevance of the Board’s operations will be discussed at this time. The committee will make recommendations to the Front Office operating at the time the recommendations are made. The Front Office is responsible for making changes and ameliorations.  

6.03   It must also be stated that, as a new process, the structure for the Advisory Board should be considered imperfect, and therefore open to review and restructuring at any time. 

Inaugural Advisory Board for 2007-8

This year’s Advisory Board will be composed of the following members:

Mary Doyle, Lecturer, FIMS, University of Western Ontario
Scott Colby, Editor, Toronto Star
Christina Vardanis, Editor, The Globe and Mail
Iain Mackinnon, Media Attorney
Richard Hoffman, Managing Partner, MMI Media Management Inc.

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