You Say Party! We Say Die! still dancing

Lead singer Becky Ninokovic brings energy to the music scene

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

You Say Party! We Say Die!

Tokyo Police Club, The Deadly Snakes, Stars, and Magneta Lane are just some of the bands on popular Toronto indie label Paper Bag Records. Add Vancouver’s You Say Party! We Say Die! to the list and you have one big, happy, dance-punk-pop family. (read more)

Bizarre fixations lead to untimely death in play

Quality rules quantity in comedy Clean Irene & Dirty Maxine

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Clean Irene and Dirty Maxine

Clean Irene and Dirty Maxine
Performed by: Anna Chatterton and Evalyn Parry
Written by: Anna Chatterton and Evalyn Parry
Directed by: Karin Randoja

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Breakdancers Rock The Spot for mad cash prizes

Friday, March 23rd, 2007


London’s best “B-boys” and “B-girls” compete this weekend in the fourth annual Rock The Spot dance competition.

The event was organized by the London B-boys, a local group of breakdancers that performs regularly at charity and private functions and also teaches breakdancing classes. (read more)

Mo' Motown makes for merriment

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Diana Ross

Motown artists had over 110 Top-10 hits during the 1960s. However, most students probably can’t remember more than 10 off the top of their head. But where would we be without Motown? Would we still have corny romantic-comedy soundtracks and horribly sappy mix CDs?

Everybody needs a little Motown, so here are a few quality tunes to add to your iPod. (read more)

On Disc: Great Lake Swimmers

Album: Ongiara

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Ongiara by Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers
Nettwerk Records

3.5 stars

Ongiara was the harbour boat the folk band Great Lake Swimmers took to Toronto Island to record its third album. (read more)

On Disc: Air

Album: Pocket Symphony

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Pocket Symphony by Air

Pocket Symphony

3.5 stars

Don’t let Pocket Symphony fool you. (read more)

Has time run out for the 24 phenomenon?

Show looks tired with hollow characters and repetitive plots

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Jack Bauer

Who is Jack Bauer?

You know, don’t you? He’s the ultimate patriot, breaking rules and sacrificing his soul for the greater good of America, even if it means torturing people mercilessly. (read more)


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