Brace yourself for a hot & sweaty dance party

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Sophs or no sophs, Dis-Orientation Week is a great time to party. If you can’t jump around dressed like a goof and shout inane cheers, you can get pumped by blasting some upbeat tunes at a hot and sweaty dance party.

“Dynamo” " The Golden Dogs
If superheroes were up-tempo, hard-hitting indie-pop rockers, this quintet would be Toronto’s No. 1 superhero. “Dynamo” is fast, dancy and catchy as hell. Only Canada can unpretentiously produce such amazing music.

“06 60 92 92” " Les Prototypes
European phone numbers are crazy; instead of grouping digits into threes and fours, they pair them up and turn them into electro-dance hits. Unless you speak French, you won’t understand the lyrics, but chances are Les Prototypes’ totally unique style will still get you on your feet. If you really want to know, the song is about “imbecile” boys who don’t call.

“Adventure” " Be Your Own Pet
The chick rawk vocals on “Adventure” sound like a cross between Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Brody Dalle from The Distillers. Lead singer Jemina Pearl Abegg’s rad mixture of excellent melodies and spoken words practically blows listeners away. Above all, however, BYOP’s brilliance is its unabashed crudeness. Enjoy!

“FYR” " Le Tigre
While many people are relieved radical ’60s feminists have quieted down, Le Tigre’s powerful ladies " and man " have never stopped kicking it with danceable tunes like “FYR.” This song will fill your head with feminist and social commentary while simultaneously kicking lots of ass. Few can accomplish such a feat.

“Age Of Consent” " New Order
Although New Order could never replace Joy Division, the ensemble did produce tons of great tunes " and “Age of Consent” is definitely one of them. Retro nights across the country probably play this classic song every weekend and that’s fine. Who doesn’t dig a little New Order once in a while?

“The DJ’s Got A Gun” " Robots In Disguise
Honestly, can anything top a British electro-punk act named after a segment from the Transformers theme song? The band’s ultra-synthy and humourous songs are straight from London and Berlin. Robots in Disguise exposes club life’s sinister side while providing beats you can gyrate to.

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