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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 T-shirt designs

LITTLE DID MS. MUSTARD KNOW HER DREAMS WERE ABOUT TO BE SHATTERED... This is just one design of many T-shirt choices available at The website features T-shirts designed by and voted on by its members.

Tired of wearing the same boring shirts or spotting other hipsters sporting the same “ironic” logo as you? Visit

Launched in 2000 by Chicago designers Jake Nickell and Jacob Dehart, the site hosts a never-ending T-shirt competition. Members vote on their favourite T-shirt designs each week, sometimes choosing from over 600 submissions. The top four to six designs are printed and sold, and winners receive cash and prizes totaling $2,000 US.

With such a large pool of artists, the variety of designs is almost endless. Have a friend who still wears that embarrassing “Porn-Depot” shirt he bought at a sketchy mall stand? Buy him a original design so you won’t feel ashamed walking around in public with him. The same goes for that “Need Head” shirt you might have found funny in Grade 10. Nobody else is laughing.

The website provides its members with numerous unique opportunities, including a series of contests known as “Love’s Threadless.” In these contests, members can submit designs for numerous themes, including indie films like Little Miss Sunshine or The Science of Sleep, festivals like New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and Austin’s SXSW, bands including The Decemberists and Shout Out Louds, or even magazines like Wired or Maxim.

Many shirts are only available for a limited time, though sometimes the site re-issues best-selling designs. However, there’s no guarantee your favourite design will be re-issued, so make sure you purchase them before they’re out of stock.

The site also offers some kid-sized shirts. Who hasn’t been four years old and wanted some randomly designed T-shirt from the Internet? Forget name brands " only a T-shirt can really make your five-year-old stand out in their class photo.

Initially printed on Fruit of the Loom and American Apparel T-shirts, is now developing its own proprietary brand, which it plans to phase in as older designs are retired.

The website also features interviews with winning designers, news and updates, sightings of celebrities sporting shirts, a newsletter, and many other elements, including a blog forum. is the perfect outlet for creative, talented folk and a great alternative to the local mall’s T-shirts. The site lets you develop a unique fashion sense " that is, until everyone starts buying shirts.

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