What to do with too many shoes?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Rakku Designs' Shoe Wheel

For students living away from home, walk-in closets are a rare luxury and unfortunately, most cheap armoires hold very little.

Shoe storage is an especially tricky matter. Though keeping footwear in pristine condition by storing shoes in their original boxes is ideal, it eats up valuable space most students can’t afford to lose.

Rakku Designs’ Shoe Wheel is an ingenious solution for students with extensive shoe collections and zero space. It maximizes space and keeps your sneaks and pumps easily accessible.

The Shoe Wheel is roughly two feet in diameter and a foot deep. The sleek polymer wheel is equipped with four locking wheels on its steel base and its expandable pockets fit any shoe style or heel height.

Elastic cords running along the outside allow for ventilation and easy access to your prized pumps. Depending on shoe styles, it can store up to 30 pairs of shoes in its 20 pockets.

What’s the catch? If you have extremely large feet, you’re out of luck. Unlike the pockets, the diameter can’t change and thus can only house up to a size 10 and half men’s shoe.

Also, if you love platforms or incredibly high heels, the wheel might take up more room than it’s worth. Your best bet is using the wheel for thinner shoes and leaving your wedges on the floor.

The popular wheel costs $65 US and is available at www.rakkudesigns.com or by calling 1-800-517-2558.

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