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Album: How to Kill

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

How to Kill by Die Mannequin

Die Mannequin
How to Kill
How to Kill Music

2 stars

Formed last spring, Toronto’s experimental alt-rock band Die Mannequin consists of lead singer/guitarist Care Failure, bassist Sparkles and drummer Ghostwolf.

How to Kill, Die Mannequin’s first EP, is a window into Failure’s mind. Having left home at 16 and developed a narcotics addiction, her therapeutic lyrics about her troubled past create a personal connection between Failure and her listeners.

Songs like “Autumn Cannibalist” reflect Failure’s confusion about her current relationships with lyrics like “I don’t know what I want/ I don’t know where I stand.”

On tracks like “Near the End,” “Fatherpunk” and “Donut Kill Self,” Failure contemplates her future while reflecting on her past mistakes. However, Failure also spits out numerous incoherent and annoying phrases.

Die Mannequin’s style lacks originality. Inspired by artists like Sonic Youth, it’s hard to distinguish whether the band’s songs are tributes or blatant ripoffs.

After a few nods of the head, How to Kill gets old quickly .

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