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Album: Smell the Glove

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Smell the Glove by The Heavy Petters

The Heavy Petters
Smell the Glove
Freaky Flow Recordings

2.5 stars

Do you know what DnB is?

It’s a new musical genre the Heavy Petters claim their debut, Smell the Glove, embodies.

The Heavy Petters " lead singer Lisa Swain, Gremlinz and Mutt " fuse trip-hop, house, folk and experimental dance to create DnB tunes.

DnB, short for drums and bass, is a musical subgenre featuring broken electro-beats coupled with thick, intricate baselines.

Listening to Smell the Glove once clarifies this classification. Smell the Glove is melodious, urban, ethereal and even exciting, but mostly it’s just weird.

The album mixes underground hip-hop with long, techno interludes and a voice that sounds like a cross between Le Tigre’s signature yelp and Sheryl Crow’s croon.

The album drips with hip Torontonian sensibility and features guest appearances from artists like Choclair and Bandit Emcee. There’s even a London reference at the end of “Relief in June.”

The Heavy Petters have concocted a fresh sound that both impresses and confounds. Listen cautiously.

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