The Vamps tease with their tassel-filled act

Burlesque troupe offers a unique brand of entertainment

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Cadillac Vamps

Kaitlin Martin

A WOMAN AND A POOL CUE. SOMETIMES THESE CUTLINES ARE JUST TOO EASY. The Cadillac Vamps showed off their sexy moves Saturday night at Call The Office.

French maids, corsets and sparkly nipples. If your weekend was lacking this trifecta of titty-tainment, you should’ve seen The Cadillac Vamps Burlesque Troupe perform at Call The Office Saturday night.

For anyone unfamiliar with the genre, burlesque is like stripping except the sleazy full-frontals and pole grinding are replaced with pasties and retro dance scenes.

The Vamps hit the stage armed with props like laundry baskets and sewing machines, creating a “classy-housewives-gone-wild” vibe. Their wardrobe ranged from flapper girl outfits to pin-ups, with a couple modern gothic girls thrown in for good measure.

If not for their nipple tassels, The Vamps would seem downright wholesome. “Tease-O-Rama” was the perfect name for their act, since nary a full breast was exposed. The lack of X-rated flesh kept Call The Office’s atmosphere fun and welcoming.

Surprisingly, the audience consisted primarily of women loudly cheering for The Vamps to take off their tops.

These equal-opportunity sexpots’ real " not plastic " bodies proved women with a little extra flesh can still be sexy. After all, Nicole Richie’s bag-of-bones chic wasn’t always setting the beauty bar.

To avoid having the audience think the show was a feminist pow-wow instead of burlesque performance, the dancers sandwiched their acts between the playfully misogynist commentary of emcee Furious Phil.

Why do women fake orgasms with Phil? According to Phil, it’s because they think he actually cares if they climax. Phil’s schtick nicely complemented The Vamps’ show, keeping the audience laughing while the dancers prepared for their next number.

Although the show occasionally bordered on amateur, it was mostly fun and frisky. There were a few technical difficulties and some of the girls’ dance moves were a little stiff. However, their energy distracted viewers from the odd slip-up.

If you’re bored with strip clubs but want to enjoy a naughty night filled with pale-skinned harlots who love to tease, check out The Cadillac Vamps the next time they visit London. Attending a Vamps show is a good time " and a fun date night " for guys and gals alike.

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