Montreal’s Priestess rocks London

Opening acts provide strong support at metal show

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Cold winds and eye-stinging snowflakes didn’t stop hard-rock fans from waiting in line to see Montreal’s Priestess perform at Call The Office Friday night.The band proved seeing its live show is worth braving cold weather and long lines.

Opener Mean Tangerine entertained the packed house with a lively, ska-influenced set filled with funky melodies.

The band’s set was intensified by a haze surrounding the stage, created by a certain substance. The crowd bopped and grooved as vocalist Max Offis belted out tonally consistent lyrics. Mean Tangerine’s upbeat sound easily flowed into hard-rock solos. A standout song was a hard rendition of Sublime’s “What I Got.”

Local rock act Anti-Hero had numerous female fans raring to see the band perform. Despite a shaky and somewhat self-conscious introduction, lead vocalist/guitarist Rose Perry proved she can rock once the band tore into its first song.

Anti-Hero’s hard-rocking guitars and pop-rock vocals were nicely offset by its female bassist’s gruff back-up vocals. Between songs, Perry entertained the crowd with personal anecdotes about Call The Office.

During the band’s last song, Perry rallied the crowd into creating a massive mosh pit. At one point, the pit took up half the floor.

When headliner Priestess finally hit the stage, it was welcomed by drunken yells and hand gestures. The notoriously loud band’s unassuming stage presence was aptly characterized by an onlooker who commented, “They all look like Jesus.”

Playing with prowess and innovation, Priestess closed the night with a fast-paced, hypnotic set. The band’s hard-hitting ’80s sound combines driving guitars and extremely tight solos with loud vocals. With its intense live show, it’s no surprise Priestess is such a heavily sought-after band.

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