On Disc - Million Dollar Marxists

Album: Zero Culture

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Zero Culture by Million Dollar Marxists

Million Dollar Marxists
Zero Culture
Stumble Records

4 stars

The Million Dollar Marxists’ latest disc, Zero Culture, is an intense, dark twist on alternative rock. Its seven guitar-driven tracks are filled with haunting lyrics.

With choruses like the title track’s “We are bullets, bombs, and scars,” Zero Culture isn’t an easy listen. Despite their dark topics, most of the lyrics are extremely well-written and poetic.

In “Praise the Mutilated World,” vocalist Luke Martin’s powerful lyrics " “I strike out at the fray, and light leaves the day/ In my world beauty’s left faded, find time to praise” " fit well with the Ottawa band’s heavy sound.

The album’s only flaw is that the songs flow together too seamlessly; there isn’t much variation in the band’s musical or lyrical exploration.

However, this distinct album is a solid choice for all alternative lovers and a great CD to listen to with the volume cranked to the max.

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