Satisfying both appetites just got a whole lot easier

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Whipped cream and honey

As the semester progresses, sometimes students’ basic needs are pushed aside in favour of more pressing matters, like papers and exams.

Rather than spending a few hours preparing a meal, why not spend a few hours in the bedroom licking food off your partner? It may not be what your professor had in mind when she stressed the importance of time management, but it’s a start.

• Whipped cream, anyone? There’s a reason it’s legendary; it’s perfect for drawing everything from bikinis to smiley faces on your partner’s body, and it stays put. This treat is also available in two flavours " original and chocolate " making it both tasty and versatile. Unless your tongue is totally inept, there shouldn’t be much sticky residue left over. Just be careful about how much cream you consume "nothing ends play time faster than an upset stomach.

• Edible massage oil is essential, if only for its ability to coax women (and men) out of their tops. Bonus points if it’s a warming oil. However, taste-testing is essential when buying edible massage oil, as a chemical aftertaste will definitely kill the mood.

• Though flavoured lube is similar to edible massage oil, it’s better used for a different kind of massage. Like the oil, taste is paramount. However, if you pick the right brand, a latex-flavoured nightmare can become a Tutti Frutti dream.

• No sexual edibles list would be complete without honey. While it’s incredibly sticky, honey is tastier and lots more natural than many products on the market. Though it’s a worthy investment, be sure you have a wet towel handy.

• Purchase edible underwear with caution; the most readily available version looks like a bikini-shaped candy necklace, which means the candy must be bitten off the string. No one wants someone biting that close to their cookie.

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