Rid yourself of winter blues with The Cure

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Julie Doiron

Now that there’s snow on the ground, it’s time to add some winter-inspired songs to your iPod’s playlist.

“Hit The Snow” " The Aislers Set
This revamped Beach Boys melody will easily cure your winter blues. If its cute and cuddly breakdowns don’t cheer you up, its lyrics certainly will.

“Snow Falls In November” " Julie Doiron
Yes, we know it’s January. But we didn’t have snow in November, and this slow, serene track is too delightful to leave off the list. “Snow Falls In November” will make you want to stay in bed all day staring “through the window/ [to] watch the snow/ kids walking in snow pants.”

“20 Years Of Snow” " Regina Spektor
This classically-trained pianist’s hauntingly insightful lyrics will make you care about people you’ll never know: “His daughter is 20 of snow falling/ She’s 20 years of strangers looking into each other’s eyes/ She’s 20 years of clean/ She never truly hated anyone or anything.”

“I’m Cold” " The Cure
Though this song isn’t about winter, it is about the cold " about how Robert Smith’s heart is frozen.

“Informer” " Snow
This is a throwback to 1993; this one’s just for fun.

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