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Album: A Weekend in the City

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A Weekend in the City by Bloc Party

Bloc Party
A Weekend in the City
Vice/Wichita Records

3.5 stars

After Bloc Party’s debut achieved critical praise and international acknowledgment, the band’s second album faces major hype. While most celebrated bands’ sophomore releases fail, Bloc Party’s doesn’t.

A Weekend in the City is the follow-up to Bloc Party’s dreamy pop-rock debut, 2005’s Silent Alarm. Unlike its upbeat predecessor, Weekend offers 11 very mellow tracks. However, listeners shouldn’t be discouraged " the band takes more musical risks and experiments on Weekend than it did on Silent Alarm.

In tracks like “Waiting on the 7:18” and “The Prayer,” Bloc Party displays a knack for quality songwriting, using a new arsenal of textures and putting more emphasis on vocals. The band also pays pop homage to The Cure with songs like “I Still Remember.”

Lyrically, Weekend is more emotionally expressive than Silent Alarm, playing into the album’s ambiance.

Singer Kele Okereke drew the album’s concept from life in a metropolis. His lyrics explore big city days and nights, touching on sex, drugs, racism, paranoia, homosexuality, depression, longing and the search for meaning.

Despite a mellower feel, Weekend proves Bloc Party is worthy of the hype. Although not as strong as its debut, Weekend is a quality album and will please old fans while winning over new ones.

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