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Album: The Disappearance of Adalia

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Disappearance of Adalia by Madina Lake

Madina Lake
The Disappearance of Adalia

3 stars

The Disappearance of Adalia is a mediocre debut album; however, the folklore surrounding it is charming.

Madina Lake’s MySpace and official website unveil the band’s mysterious backstory. Instead of providing typical band bios, the sites describe an isolated lakeside town called Madina Lake. The album tells the story of Adalia, a young woman who mysteriously disappears from Madina Lake in the 1950s. When police investigate, they discover Adalia leads a secret life and uses coded correspondence to contact an unknown source. The Madina Lake experience is further enhanced by interesting tidbits on the band’s website.

Despite the intriguing backstory, the album falls short. The lyrics sound like they were stolen from a preteen’s online diary. Most songs repeatedly discuss disconnection and deception and nothing else.

The final track, “Pecadillos,” is an instrumental mish-mash. When the track’s momentum finally starts building, the song " and the album " end.

Madina Lake sounds like every other alternative punk-rock band. The only exception is “One Last Kiss,” on which the two singers alternate and end up sounding hilariously like McMaster & James. While the band is highly energetic, it needs to develop its own musical identity.

Despite its shortcomings, The Disappearance of Adalia successfully grabs the attention of anyone intrigued by its mysterious backstory.

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