Toronto's Golden Dogs actually golden gods

Indie sensation starts a dance party at CTO

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Golden Dogs

Jason Kelly

"ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS LIGHT IN MY LIFE/ BUT NOW THERE'S ONLY LOVE IN THE DARK/ NOTHING I CAN SAY/ A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART." The Golden Dogs filled Call The Office with everything but power ballads last Thursday night.

When The Golden Dogs played Call The Office last Thursday night, they gave Londoners a show worth talking about.

Rising indie stars The Golden Dogs don’t fit into Toronto’s Broken Social-centric Scene " and their live show reveals why they stand apart from the crowd.

By the time The Golden Dogs hit the stage, the young crowd was ready to dance. The band delivered the necessary material.

The Golden Dogs’ set was incredibly endearing. Each song was delivered with intensity and energy so contagious it would be impossible not to enjoy oneself.

Because The Golden Dogs lack a large repertoire, the majority of their set consisted of songs from their latest release, 2006’s critically acclaimed Big Eye Little Eye. The audience knew the words and sang along while dancing up a storm.

Although the band rarely addressed the audience, it probably would’ve ruined the intense atmosphere had they tried.

Two opening acts warmed the crowd before The Golden Dogs performed.

First up was the strange act Oh! The Pretty Things, which introduced itself with a folky, a cappella piece before breaking into a catchier tune. Oh! The Pretty Things was a fitting opener; however, its music wasn’t particularly fresh or exciting. Only a couple songs were worthy of an audience dance-off.

Next up was female-fronted The Yoko Casionos, who increased the show’s tempo. Although the band was fun, its set was far too long.

Surprisingly, the incredibly entertaining evening only cost $5. If you missed this show, don’t kick yourself " just keep an eye out for future deals.

Nights compatible with broke-ass-student budgets are always enjoyable " especially when they include a stellar set from a fantastic band.

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