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Album: Black Snake Moan O.S.T.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Black Snake Moan O.S.T. by Various Artists

Various Artists
Black Snake Moan O.S.T.
New West Records

4 stars

Black Snake Moan is a movie opening later this year starring Samuel L. Jackson as a deeply religious blues singer attempting to save a woman’s soul.

Jackson actually sings several songs featured on the film’s soundtrack. There are tracks by a whole whack of modern blues artists and blues-rock bands, most of whom are relatively unknown by even the most seasoned modern blues fans.

While the majority of tracks are blues songs with repetitive themes, moaning guitar and slightly depressing vocals, there are a few jazzier tunes and even a light acoustic song.

What’s strange is that all the songs Jackson sings are “live,” and his audience seems to have perfectly timed cues for giving him a Louisiana-style call-back.

Black Snake Moan O.S.T. is a decent listen for anyone into blues or for anyone wanting a soundtrack for a slow-motion Reservoir Dogs-style stroll.

Like most Samuel L. Jackson movies, Black Snake Moan’s soundtrack is best enjoyed if you don’t take it seriously. And yes, he does yell when he sings.

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