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Album: Thanks For Your Thoughts

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Thanks For Your Thoughts by Rebelski

Thanks For Your Thoughts
Aporia Records

4 stars

Rebelski’s Thanks For Your Thoughts is proof sonic minimalism isn’t just for sleeping infants.

The completely instrumental album is written, performed and produced by Doves keyboardist Martin Rebelski. The eight-song EP features twinkling melodies and understated electro-rhythms.

Borrowing stylistic influence from indie-rock groups like Explosions in the Sky and The Postal Service, Rebelski uses an ethereal blend of instruments to create simple but distinct soundscapes.

“Unlikely Tale” exudes romance and wonderment while “Toy Shop” is a playful and repetitive lullaby. Each wordless account walks a fine line between intrigue and ambience.

If given the chance, Thanks For Your Thoughts could easily become the soundtrack to every students’ late-night cramming sessions.

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