Live in luxury with the Micro Compact Home

Keep the toilet near the kitchen to live the lazy student life

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Micro Compact Home

MIDGETS WILL LOVE THE MICRO COMPACT HOME. The Micro Compact Home is engineered for nomadic living and is barely bigger than a Porta-Potty. Let's hope it smells better.

Who needs a luxury home when you can live in a doghouse for a fraction of the price?

Researchers and designers from London, England and the Technical University in Munich, Germany have developed the Micro Compact Home, a supposedly high-quality compact living space. The home is designed to meet the increasing demand for “short stay smart living.”

The Micro Compact Home is a 2.6 square-metre aluminum box with a double bed, flat screen TV, shower, toilet, kitchen, dining table and heating, air conditioning and windows.

The home’s interior is surprisingly spacious and its ergonomic design limits claustrophobia.

Price ranges from $32,500 to $44,225 US. While it’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional homes, that’s still a big chunk of cash to spend on a space the size of a Porta-Potty.

The tiny home’s long-term benefits are unclear, but it’s better than not having any home. Inhabitants might get lonely, as there isn’t room for guests or even a pet.

It’s also environmentally friendly since it uses less energy and takes up less space than the average home.

The Micro Compact Home’s durability is questionable. While the house comes with a five-year warranty, how much extreme weather can a micro-home endure before it falls apart or blows away?

It’s still in the early stages of development. Putting its obvious flaws aside, it could become a successful product. Inhabitants will just have to get used to having their toilet right next to their kitchen table, but hey, they’ll finally have an excuse to be lazy.

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