On Disc: Apostle of Hustle

Album: National Anthem of Nowhere

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

National Anthem of Nowhere by Apostle of Hustle

Apostle of Hustle
National Anthem of Nowhere
Arts & Crafts Productions

3.5 stars

Apostle of Hustle impresses with its above-average indie record National Anthem of Nowhere.

Andrew Whiteman, Broken Social Scene’s lead guitarist and Apostle of Hustle’s ringleader, proves he isn’t just riding the coattails of Broken Social Scene’s tremendous success.

Musically, the record is a step forward. It covers a much broader range than the band’s 2004 debut, Folkloric Feel, which was limited by its Latin element. While tracks like “Rafaga!” and “Fast Pony for Victor Jara” are a refreshing return to the Latin sound, it’s admirable the band explores other genres.

Several songs offer the trademark indie touch. “Cheap like Sebastien” and “National Anthem of Nowhere” could pass for songs excluded from a BSS record’s final cut.

The opening track, “My Sword Hand’s Anger,” is the album’s most impressive song. Intense percussion and bass lines combined with distorted samples of girly laughter and thought-provoking lyrics translate into a creatively dynamic sound.

While National Anthem of Nowhere falls short of revolutionary status, it showcases the band’s potential to make big waves in the indie scene.

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