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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Lulu Wei

Since AIDS and venereal warts aren’t exactly cool, condoms need more spotlight. But unfortunately, many people don’t dig the love glove.

Have no fear; condom companies are offering countless varieties to solve the problem (and stay in business).

The following selection is of the most interesting rubbers you can get...without visiting a sex shop in Japan.

And in case you think we’re just printing what we read on the boxes, think again; I took the time to personally test each item.

Trojan Lubricated Lovestruck
This condom is outfitted with studs and ribbing along the shaft and a supposedly flared end. Although there’s nothing entirely special about this variety aside from the ribs and studs, they do add a little something extra. Think of them as the MSG of prophylactics.

Trojan Elexa Stimulating
The Elexa series is supposedly manufactured with women’s sexual well-being in mind, which is totally cool as far as marketing scams go. Though these puppies are fun as hell " they feature “ultra silky premium lubricant” as well as a “bulbous end” and ribbing " they’re really just Trojans with a design-rich lady on the box’s cover.

At least the product stays true to the name; these ultra-stimulating condoms make for a great time.

Kimono MicroThin with Aqua Lube
Kimono brand condoms are praised far and wide, but do they stand true to their reputation? If you thought regular Kimonos were thin, wait until you try the MicroThin version. The added Aqua Lube only accentuates how thin these wonders are. These condoms are perfect if your partner doesn’t like the feel of condoms and prefers going au naturel.

Trojan Shared Pleasure Warm Sensations
They aren’t contoured. They aren’t studded. All Warm Sensations offer is warming lube " and it doesn’t even work for everyone. Honestly, these are a waste. Just get a good condom and a warming lube you know and trust.

Pleasure Plus
Pleasure Plus condoms are probably the most interesting of the bunch. They’re generating lots of hype worldwide and have been featured in numerous magazines.

Glamour calls them “Latex Viagra,” and apparently they’re “preferred eight-to-one over the leading condom” but, honestly, they’re just plain weird.

Fashioned with “a roomy pouch with fine, internal ribs,” the condoms are designed to be extra stimulating and add extra friction.

Not only do they resemble a retro microphone, but unless you get them on in the exact right place, they add lots girth around the head of the penis in weird places. As for added pleasure, it’s more like discomfort.

Pleasure Plus condoms are worth a try, but don’t get your hopes up.

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