How to have a 'pole lot of fun'

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Looking to enhance your sex life? London has many classes and workshops to help you out.

One option is organized fitness and aerobics classes like seductive dance classes at the Athletic Club in London.

Also, Aradia Fitness, a pole dancing and sensual fitness company, offers classes with a mix of pole and floor work and stretching, upper body and abdominal strengthening, flexibility and conditioning.

Aradia offers a one-time intro/teaser class for $25 teaching a sensual floor routine and pole fitness basics.

It also offers six-week courses at three levels for $149.

Classes are held at the Pilateez Studio, 1135 Adelaide St. North and schedules can be found at

For anyone too shy to venture out to pole dance, you can bring it home by holding a “pole lot of fun” party.

A “pole lot of fun” instructor sets up a pole in your home. The instructor will teach eight to 12 basic moves with the pole and everyone creates a routine to perform at the end of the night.

“Mostly it’s about empowering ladies and having fun,” said Jenni Crichton, organizer in the London area.

“I haven’t had any ladies walk away saying ‘I wish I hadn’t done that.’ Usually they’re saying ‘I wish I hadn’t been so frightened.’”

Crichton said anyone interested should visit, then call her at 519-473-3994. She is currently booking into July and August for weekends, but weeknights are available sooner and at better rates.

“You need surprisingly little space,” Crighton said. “I’ve worked on a stairwell landing about three-by-three feet. It’s best to have four-foot clearance around the pole.”

For more home party ideas, both Passion and Fantasia parties bring a consultant into your home for you and your friends.

Fantasia parties educate women about their sexuality and provide tips on relationships, sensuality, romance and fun.

Fantasia consultants bring numerous sensual products to the party, including massage oils, edible creams, tasty powders, books, games, novelty items, adult toys and lingerie. They can be booked at

A final option is attending a workshop or discussion on various sexual topics held by Libido, the Erotic Emporium for Women in London.

Libido is booking for two sessions: pole dancing March 16 and “Bend over Boyfriend/Girlfriend” to discuss anal play March 23.

Visit for regular updates on upcoming sessions like Belly Dancing, Anal Play for Beginners, Reigniting Intimacy, the G-Spot and Harness Play.

Libido is located at 349 Talbot St. Participants must be 18 or older. Most sessions cost roughly $20.

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